You know a girl is mad when she starts off her sentence saying “I just find it funny how ” because there’s a 99.9% chance she did not find it funny.

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Does your mysteriously missing girlfriend know how insufferable you are?

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Anonymous said: I think it is so nice that you help all your followers. Even when you have to say no, you are respectful and kind. Your blog is one of my favorites because I love your personality (and your edits!). Thank you for sharing your photoshop skills and for being a wonderful person. Have a great night, Myriam :)

Wow that’s really nice of you… Thank you so, so much, it really means a lot to me that some of you recognize what I do and appreciate my stuff. Have a great night too my dear :) 

Anonymous said: no problem but if you ever have time please do your icons are honestly my favourite

yes, I promise that I’ll make them if I have time  :) thank you! 

juleshough:  I don’t think @ninadobrev was expecting to get some action when she decided to come over… She wasn’t really complaining though! ;) love you babe have fun shooting! Xoxo

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when u see your notp in your dash and u have to scroll 


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